Holiday Loneliness

Holiday Loneliness 

Amidst the decorations, celebrations and gift giving, holidays can be a time when we feel the most lonely.  Family issues threaten to interfere with our hopes and dreams of peace and good will. What does it mean to be in the family you are in?  In what ways do you fit and in which ways do you wonder how you could have been cut from your family mold? We each come to a place where we choose family from our options in the world.  Some of us are lucky enough to have a safe nuclear family to return to or to reach out towards. Others have suffered through trauma and abuse that severed the link to any safe haven.

Spending the holidays alone can be fraught with sadness, emptiness and a lack of belonging.  People creatively plan ways to get through which include time with friends, attending events, movies and travel. This time can be used to evaluate the year and the choices we have made that bring us community. Closeness can be found in strangers that see us without judgement and without expectations of who we are or who they need us to be.  Self acceptance is also a means out of loneliness as it allows us to reach out to others to create closeness.

Take control of your holiday by reaching out, planning ahead and finding ways to nurture yourself and others. Enter each day in gratitude as you engage in the activities that bring you joy.