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Director, LCSW, Professional Certified Coach

Sheila provides management coaching to include leadership development and team building to individuals and groups.  She also enjoys coaching those entering a new life transition either personally or professionally.

Sheila provides relationship coaching to individuals, couples and families. Showing up isn't enough. Relationships are not simply meant to endure, they should grow and deepen.  Becoming our true self brings creativity, evolution, intelligence and fulfillment to our life and our relationships.

Sheila recharges with yoga, being in nature, and spending time cycling, skiing, or playing tennis.




Sharon utilizes trauma informed principles and a person-centered approach to assist you in navigating the peaks and valleys of your life. She provides guidance to aid you in breaking down the barriers that often accompany, anxiety and various mood disorders. She specializes in grief and loss related to a loved one, career, relationship or physical capacity. 

Sharon strongly believes that we all deserve to find peace, purpose and meaning in our lives. She will assist you as you explore and develop healthier ways of coping with life’s many challenges and discover what is truly possible. 



Office Manager

Megan can be counted on to assist with you finding the right therapist/coach for you.  She will work with you on scheduling and billing issues to create a smooth process of intake.

Megan spends time with her husband and their two lovely daughters enjoying nature.

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